Why Academic Tenacity Matters


Delightful & Distinctive COLRS

Source: Scientific American, Apr 2014

Academically tenacious students:

  1. Feel as though they belong in school, academically and socially.
  2. See the relevance of education for achieving their personal future goals.
  3. Value effort.
  4. Seek challenging tasks that will help them learn rather than stick with easy tasks that offer no opportunity for growth.
  5. View setbacks as an opportunity for learning rather than an indication of their low innate ability or worth.
  6. Have a number of self-regulation strategies at their disposal to remain motivated and avoid distractions over the short and long haul.
  7. Believe in their ability to learn and perform.
  8. Enter the classroom with the goal of mastering the material, not outcompeting other students.
  9. Have a sense of purpose, and feel that their learning will contribute value to the world beyond themselves.
  10. Have positive, supportive relationships with teachers and peers.

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