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New Item – Pi Patch

Storied Threads

Pi patch. No, not that kind of pie. Pi patch. No, not that kind of pie.

A little something for the math geeks I know are out there — the symbol for Pi, stitched in black thread on light blue cotton canvas.

This sew-on patch measures approximately 3 inches in diameter. (Ha. Diameter. (Pi*radius)squared.)

Click here to buy one!

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Learning Trends


Blended learning can tick a lot of boxes for a lot of different teachers who teach in potentially quite different scenarios. From 1:1 classrooms and schools with plenty of iPads to BYOD classes filled with different types (and amounts) of technology, blended learning can help nearly every teacher make learning more personalized and more interesting for their students.  Implementing a blended learning program in your classroom can be a great way to put the technology tools you have – whatever they may be – to use. The handy infographic below takes a look at 10 blended learning trends that are showing up in today’s classrooms. Keep reading to learn more!

10 Blended Learning Trends

  1. The student-centered learning experience – focus on the students rather than on the teacher offers a more inquiry driven and experiential learning experience
  2. Soaring numbers of digital learners – the number of students participating in classroom-only education…

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XKCD for EDU 510…


EDU 510

New class on Cognitive Science of Teaching and Learning!  Looking forward to the class, and seeing what I can “learn” about learning! 🙂