Love Sherlock!


Who is Sherlock?   He is an amalgamation of various oddities; an ultra-intelligent human being.   He has a mind like no other.   An organic computer. Whatever he wants, he gets through his offhand, obsessive personality.   Overbearing, yet brilliant.   Crazy, yet sane.   In fact, saner than most of the characters kicking about in front of his cocaine smeared, schizophrenia ridden doorstep.   At the best of times he is a chemist, biologist, engineer, mathematician, consulting detective, martial artist, logistical genie; a friend and foe to himself as well as others. Totally annoying in his narcissistic brilliance yet completely lovable.   He is an antihero of sorts and we are all happily cheering him on toward egotistical success- The High Functioning Sociopath, as my dear Benedict Cumberbatch would say.

I think Sir Arthur Conan Doyle knew what he was doing when he created the beloved character of…

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