Hip Hop Pedagogy

wonderful. that’s all i can say.


I don’t remember everything from high school, but one lesson that sticks out, to this very day, was the photosynthesis section during freshman year Biology. Our teacher asked us to create a rap to help us remember the processes that make up photosynthesis and respiration. I remember spending hours looking up the perfect song to set the beat for our scientific rhymes. My group settled on Tupac’s “California Love” (though All About U was a close 2nd). Needless to say, our rap was freakin’ dope. Why do I know it was dope? Because I still remember it. Every single word from the lyrics we created, every cheer from my classmates when we threw in some dance moves for extra credit, and the feeling of being so excited to learn as much as possible about the that damn electron transport chain so that our rap would be on point. That’s pretty…

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